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Grace Chapel is a non-denominational church that is welcome to all people. We have a desire to be a place where people experience belonging and breakthrough. We seek to experience and express the essence of Jesus so that our broken and fragmented world can experience the healing and life that God promises everyone.

We do this by conveying the Fathers heart for the world and each other. We believe that this is possible through the power of the Holy Spirit and the practice of walking in the Spirit.

Whether you’re curious about Jesus or have been pursuing Him for many years, we long to be a community that will encourage and challenge one another to take the next step towards Him.

Sunday Morning Experiences


SERVICES are at 9a & 11a

Every Sunday we offer two identical services at 9am and 11am.  Just pick the one that is most convenient for you and join us. People often ask, “What should I wear?” We’re more concerned with meeting your real life needs than with what you wear. So dress casually and you’ll fit right in.

Gatherings at 9a & 11a

We know that as a parent you need be sure that your children are in a SAFE learning environment. And we know that your children are looking for a FUN place to learn. From the time you take your child down the hallway to their classroom they will want to come back!  To learn more about what your kids will experience scroll on down.

Jr.High meets at 11a

Ardent Junior High meets on Sunday’s during our 11am service. Ardent Senior High is invited to join the adult worship service for a relevant and impactful teaching time.

Sunday Gatherings at 9a & 11a

Kidventure partners with parents and volunteers to create an engaging environment where children can Experience & Express the Essence of Jesus Christ! We desire to see kids and families live on mission together through a lifestyle of being involved in God’s Word, responding to His Spirit, and loving others by serving together.



Basecamp serves Infants, Toddlers, and Pre-Schoolers by helping these little ones grow in their understanding of God, their relationships with others, and their overall sense of who God is making them to be. It’s a place of safety, teaching, and an expression of God’s love.


Kidventure Summit aims to make the Bible come alive to our K-3rd Graders, by making church fun & relevant through interactive games, crafts, drama, videos, and live worship, as well as providing great leaders who will invest in kids lives.


Extreme 45 utilizes an engaging environment geared especially for our 4th & 5th Graders to help them learn, grow, develop and share their walk with Christ. Cool room decor, contemporary seating, group games, and even a loft all assist our fabulous small group leaders in connecting your “tweener” with Christ!

Ardent Students Ministries builds intentional relationships between leaders and students in order for them to Experience and Express the Essence of Jesus Christ. Through Groups, where our sole purpose is to encourage and motivate students to grow into the person God has designed them to be, students experience a safe place of belonging where they will feel confident inviting others along in their journey with Christ.


Ardent JH Student Ministry gathers every Sunday morning at 11AM to Experience Jesus Christ by having fun, being in a Community of believers, and Growing from teaching and discussion. Students will be be interacting with other peers, and Adult and High School student leaders through games, worship, and breakout small group discussion. All Jr. High students are welcome to join our Ardent Family on Sunday Morning’s.

Ardent JH partners very closely with Wyldlife. Wyldlife is a para church organization that seeks to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ. We invite and encourage our Ardent family to not just come to Wildlife’s weekly club, but to bring their friends to have fun, experience Community, and spiritually Grow by hearing the gospel. Wyldlife has club every Thursday at Wood Middle School from 7:11-8:30pm. Club is a time where students can let loose, play fun and participate in crazy games, and at the end, hear an adult leader give a brief gospel message. Our partnership with Wyldlife is unique to most other Wyldlife areas, and that it getting students into the church. One way we do that is once a month, instead of having Wildlife club at Wood Middle School, we have “Donuts & Co” at Grace Chapel. Students will be invited to have some donuts, hot chocolate, and have a bible study to understand who Jesus is. For some students, this is the first opportunity to get into the bible. Check calendar for specific dates and locations.

Ardent JH and Wyldlife invite ALL Jr. High students for an epic, fun night once a month on a Friday night. These Friday Nights are either at Grace Chapel or another location such as Safari Sam’s, Bowling, Aquatic park, etc. These nights are meant for FUN. Our Ardent family is encouraged to bring all their Jr. High friends for a great time. See calendar for specific dates and locations.


Ardent High School Student Ministry motivates students to experience and express the essence of Jesus in our lives transforming us into the people God has called us to be. Through this we experience life to the fullest and are connected to the heart of God on a daily basis. Ardent pursues this through our weekly Wednesday events and small groups that meet based on grade and gender during the week. We also serve the broken and sometimes forgotten through City Team International in Portland. During Spring break, we build homes in Mexico through Amor Ministries and it is an absolutely incredible experience.

Ardent Wednesday night is for high school students who are up for taking a break from the craziness of life by sharing a meal with friends, worshiping God and hearing from him in incredible ways. This is a great environment to bring friends and introduce them to this guy named Jesus who loves them more than we can imagine!

MOVE 2017
Move is a week long camp for high school students who are wanting to grow in their relationship with God as well as have a great time with friends and leaders. Move takes place @ Oregon State University where over a 1,000 other high school students come together to worship and be challenged in their faith. Last year was our first year going and it was truly amazing! EVERY student came back radically impacted and believe the same will happen this year! Move is available for those entering high school for the 2017-2018 school year as well as current seniors who are about to graduate! 

Adult Community

Our adult communities are aimed at helping compliment and supplement what God wants to do in and through our families at Grace Chapel. This approach helps us align resources in a way that serves multiple generations at a variety of life stages with our common cause as our goal.


At Grace Chapel we believe life change happens best within the context of community, so we place a huge emphasis on our Groups ministry. It is our hope that everyone in our church could find a Group to call “home.”


We as women, live in a world that tells us we need to be it all and have it all.  But that pursuit has left us tired, feeling like failures, looking for identity, and seeking some sort of balance in our lives.  Here at Grace Chapel, we want to come alongside you in that journey.  We want to seek God’s truth about who you are and why He created you.


Our Men’s Community focuses on connecting, equipping, and challenging men to experience and express the essence of Jesus Christ. We do this by encouraging men to 1) Get In, 2) Get Healthy, 3) Get Strong, 4) Get Going with one another.


College and career ministry exists to connect 18-late 20 year olds with Jesus, one another and Grace Chapel.


Our desire is to experience and express the essence of Jesus by stepping into the vulnerable, marginalized and risky places of injustice.  Below is a list of the opportunities, ministries and organizations we support as a church and encourage our community to invest in.

DOMESTIC / Wilsonville

Heart of the City  Heart of the City serves as an outreach center and resource hub to the city of Wilsonville and beyond. We are dedicated to Loving and Serving the Whole Person and the Whole Community. Within this ministry, there are partnerships with Wilsonville Community Sharing, YoungLife Wilsonville, local counselors, support groups, Random Kindness, and others.

Rummage Sale  The Wilsonville Community Rummage Sale is an event that supports schools and local non-profits for the purpose of fighting hunger and poverty in our community.

Serve the School  This is an event that helps out our Wilsonville school district by completing outdoor work projects at every school campus in the city.

Joy Drive This is a Christmastime ministry that provides winter clothing and other gifts for children in our Wilsonville schools.

Royal Family Kids Camp Birthday Party Every summer, this ministry provides a birthday party and gifts for all the foster children that attend Royal Family Kids Camp.

Organizations who do great work

DOMESTIC / Greater Portland Area

Angel Tree  This is a Christmastime ministry provided by the partnership between Prison Fellowship and local churches, helping relationships between inmates and their families at by providing gifts.

CityTeam Christmas Party  Every Christmas we provide a Christmas party and gifts to bless those who are actively involved in the long-term recovery program at CityTeam Portland.

Welcome Boxes  This is an ongoing ministry where Grace Chapel partners with Embrace Oregon to provide a box of necessities and goodies to give to children entering the foster system.

Foster Parent Night Out  This monthly event provides a night of fun for Clackamas County foster kids and a night of respite for their foster parents.

Blood Drive  Every quarter we provide the opportunity to donate blood to serve those who are hurting in our community and beyond.

Organizations who do great work


Living Water International  Living Water International spreads the Kingdom by providing clean water in developing countries. Grace Chapel takes 2-3 short-term mission trips annually to drill wells.

Africa New Life Ministries  Africa New Life Ministries shows and teaches the love and compassion of Jesus Christ through child sponsorship, education, and spiritual ministries in Rwanda. Grace Chapel takes 1 short-term mission trip annually to Rwanda.

Forward Edge Haiti  Forward Edge International shows the love of Jesus by serving vulnerable families and those affected by disaster. Grace Chapel sends 2-3 teams to Haiti annually to help train local law enforcement and support the local community.

Missionaries  Grace Chapel supports a number of individuals and families who have dedicated their lives to global mission fields. To find out more about our missionaries, contact our Justice and Compassion team (link to

Organizations who do great work