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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Week of April 17th


April 28 | 6:30PM | Contact:
We would like to invite you to join us for an evening of authentic conversation and good food!
If: Table is a quarterly opportunity to gather with other women from Grace; young and old, single and married, working within or outside of the home, even if you don’t think you fit – this evening is for you. We will have intentional, guided conversations while eating a meal together. We will have a potluck salad bar, so will you please bring something to share? If you cannot bring something for logistical or financial reasons – please still come!  There will be plenty for everyone! Finally… If you are a single mom or have extreme circumstances that would prevent you from coming unless you have help with childcare; We would like to offer limited onsite childcare free of charge.  Please register online at


May 1 | 6:30PM | Contact: Jordan Lutz
If you are post high school through career come join us for a night of community! We will join together to share a meal and have a discussion.


May 6 | 6:30AM | Contact: Dana Jewell
The first Friday morning of the month, we will be praying and walking in the Wilsonville community. Every month we will meet at a different location in Wilsonville to walk and pray for the city and the people who live in it.


May 5-7 | Contact:
This will be an experiential conference where you will be asked to participate while being trained. This training will equip you to discover the power and authority of Jesus Christ so you can experience and extend his freedom. There will be six training sessions where you will learn to Listen, Forgive, Repent, Evict Evil, Replace and Receive. Registration is required and it is $35 per person to attend. There is no childcare at this event. You can register online at or through the App.


May 8 | Contact: Brad Peterson
Our next Child Dedication service will be this Sunday. If you are interested in having your child dedicated to the Lord, please contact Brad Peterson or go online to


May 15 | Contact: Andy Coloumbe
Bring your non perishable items to help support Andy & Serenity. Here are some of the needs expressed on their website at Some of the more popular items we could use more of are: all diaper sizes, Boxed Cereal, Baking items, canned meat (tuna / chicken) and canned fruit. A couple of constant items on the list are dry pinto beans and bagged rice. Purchasing large bags and then breaking them down into 1 quart ziplock bags is most economical and helpful! And remember, if you planted an extra row in your garden for the Jubilee Food Pantry, bring it on by any Tuesday around 3pm, or give us a call and we can work something else out.


August 1-5 | Contact: Austin Nealeigh
“Move is a 5-day high school event held all over the country designed to amplify the call of Christ on students’ lives to become kingdom workers!” Move takes over a large portion of the OSU campus by staying in dorms, using the awesome sports facility, and eating there on campus! Cost $350 – Scholarships available! Ardent Sr. High is joining in this year, and we would love for your student to go and experience this incredible event. We will be collecting a $100.00 deposit to secure your spot! This is an event you won’t want to miss! To register please visit