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Announcements Week of September 17th

September 17 | 2:00PM-5:00PM | River West Church | Contact: Jonathan & Jodie Oltmans
FPNO (Foster Parent Night Out) is a ministry that serves foster and adoptive children in partnership with DHS. The Grace Chapel FPNO team comes together the 3rd Saturday night of each month at Grace Chapel to provide dinner and entertainment to foster children for 3 hours. During this time foster parents get a needed respite break. If you are interested in being a part of this ministry, the next FPNO training for Clackamas County is at River West Church on Sunday Sept 17th from 2-5 pm. If you have any questions about FPNO or plan to attend the training please contact Jodie and Jonathan Oltmans.

September 18 | 3:15PM-5:00PM | Contact: Jill Cain
This month we’ll be having an after school play date for all ages! Join us at Wilsonville’s Murase Park (at the huge farm play structure on the other side from the water park). Contact Jill if you have any questions.

September 23 | 5:30PM-8:30PM | Contact: Merry Shervey
Join us for a gathering of couples and singles 55+ (approximately) with the purpose of fellowship, shared, interests, creating dinner groups and small focus/study/service groups, etc. We meet quarterly for fun fellowship times with the goal of branching into smaller interest groups. Please sign up at our Connect table or email/call Merry 503-263-2044.

September 26 | 6:30PM-8:30PM | Contact: GC Office
Jesus At The Door (JAD 3:20) is a Christian evangelism initiative birthed on the streets of Coleraine, Northern Ireland, during a powerful move of God which has seen over 6,000 people accept Jesus since 2014. Using a simple, no-pressure approach to evangelism, JAD 3:20 seeks to equip, empower, and enable every believer to share their faith and lead people into relationship with Jesus. Scott McNamara asked God to teach him how to become more effective at talking to people about Jesus on the streets. Over the course of two years, with God’s guidance, Scott developed and refined an extremely simple method that can be memorized and used by anyone. JAD 3:20 uses a simple, structured approach – seven simple questions that lead people to a place where they can decide whether they are ready to accept Jesus into their heart.

September 28 | 7:00PM-9:00PM | Cost $10 | Contact: Jordan Lutz
Come join as we kick off Men’s Community for the year. Mike Tatlock will be sharing more of our vision and what the wins look like for the Men’s Community at Grace Chapel. Koi Fusion will be catering a taco and rice bowl bar. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for the men of Grace Chapel. Sign up through the app or online.

September 29 | 7:00PM-9:00PM | Contact: Emma Weaver
Ardent JH & Wildlife partner up once a month for some night of fun. This month we will be meeting at Sky High (11131 SW Greenburg Rd Portland, OR 97223). All Junior High students are invited to meet us at Sky High! Invite all your middle school friends, this is a great way to get friends involved in church. This event cost $20 which includes 2 hours of jump time and Sky High’s jump socks. Contact Emma with any questions

Contact: Building Team
Mike has put together a team of people with different backgrounds and field experience to help provide leadership to our Building Team. Team Members include Mike Tatlock; Lead Pastor, Jeff Chase; Elder, Toni Allen; Chief Financial Officer, Trent Combs; Elder & NonProfit Developer, Tom Jones; Property Developer, Forrest Reinhardt; NonProfit Developer, Erik Timmons; General Contractor, Eric Postma; Attorney, John Davis; Attorney, Jake Schwein; Pastor of Worship & Justice, Matt Taylor; Pastor and Stacy Carter; Executive Assistant.