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2014-15 Annual Report

Grace Chapel Family,

Every July our fiscal year starts over. This last year has been a year of impact and reach beyond anything that has happened in the history of Grace Chapel. Even though we love to celebrate the events like a record Easter and a swelling children’s program, we are most excited about who we are becoming.

We say that our cause is to Experience and Express the Essence of Jesus Christ. When I think of what that means I think of the community of faith that we are, defined by the loving essence of Jesus toward each other and those outside our walls. When I think of experiencing and expressing what comes to my mind from this last year is Project H13. This wasn’t just a construction project to remodel a church building, this was a dream and vision we all share to ‘Give ourselves away’ and watch what God can do with a generous and selfless community.

Because so many of you sacrificially gave of your time, physical labor and finances, we were able to start the Heart of the City outreach center, including a thriving food bank! We were also able to build a new youth space and expand the building to accommodate the growth that we are seeing.

In every area of ministry we are realizing new and exciting fruit. I want to say thank you so so much for all of your hard work and generosity over this last year and I am living with great anticipation of what this next years journey will be as we step into great opportunities that the Lord is leading us into!

Mike Tatlock
Lead Pastor at Grace Chapel