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 January 14, 2015
MEN’S BREAKFAST – January 30th / Worship Center @ 7:30a
Our Winter Men’s Breakfast is right around the corner and we’re hoping you’ll be a part of it. It will be a great time to connect with some other guys, eat a hardy breakfast and be encouraged in our walk with God. Our guest speaker for the morning is Bill Perkins, national author, speaker, and member of Grace Chapel. He’s got a powerful message for us to consider and engage around with one another.
Each spring we offer a 12 week intensive course on Spiritual Leadership. It is one of the most powerful and formative experiences we provide at Grace Chapel.  Here is some of what we cover:

  • A look at the leadership process and strategy that Jesus used with his disciples and ways to implement that in our lives.
  • Develop a personal, sustainable strategy to live out your calling to impact and influence others with authenticity and effectiveness.
  • Lead with a biblical foundation that will serve you through the different seasons in life.

Be looking for more detailed info in the coming weeks.

I didn’t know this until we ran the numbers. On Sunday mornings we have over 50 men showing up early to help park cars, work with kids and serve students. Pretty great, right? These guys are incredible. It’s so good to have men that create the margin their life to make ministry happen on Sunday mornings. The dark area in the pie charts below highlight the current coverage we have in our ministries.
If you aren’t serving in one of these ministries, do me a favor email at least one of these ministries to find out how you can serve on Sundays. When you do that, cc: me on it. I want to encourage and champion you in these steps. Below is who to contact:

Kidventure / Bern Tatlock –
First Impressions / Jordan Lutz –
Ardent Jr. High / Josh Weaver –