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Advent Series

Part 1: Inception

Kicking off our Advent series, Pastor Mike looks at the background, history, author and purpose of the Gospel of Luke. Who is Theophilus, Herod, Zachariah, & Elizabeth? Why is Luke writing this, and what is his background and history? All of these questions, and more, are considered as we move into Advent.

Teacher :: Mike Tatlock
Text :: Luke 1:1-25
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Part 2: Arrival

God found favor in the most unlikely of people. In this teaching, Pastor Mike looks at how two teenagers (Mary & Joseph) were entrusted with a tremendous amount of responsibility. What does that mean for us? What is God entrusting to our care?

Teacher :: Mike Tatlock
Text :: Luke 1:26-38
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Part 3: When God is not Convenient

Our convenience often drives us to make compromising choices that take us away from God’s best.  In this teaching, Pastor Mike looks at Mary as a model of trust in God regardless of how inconvenient her life will become.

Teacher :: Mike Tatlock
Text :: Luke 1:39-45
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Part 4: Fulfilled

God desires great things for all of us. In this teaching, Pastor Mike looks at how the life of John was intended for greatness. Knowing, believing, and stepping humbly forward with what God wants are the first steps to discover what He has for us.

Teacher :: Mike Tatlock
Text :: Luke 1:46-78
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This Advent Season

We all want our Christmas to be a lot of things. Full of joy. Memories. Happiness. Above all, we want it to be about Jesus. What we don’t want is stress. Or debt. Or feeling like we “missed the moment.” Advent is a movement designed to help us all slow down and experience a Christmas worth remembering. But doing this means doing things a little differently. A little creatively. Here are some way to step into the Advent Season.

JOY DRIVE TAGS | November 18 & 25

Our immediate community of Wilsonville is full of families with very practical needs. Through the help of counselors from our schools, we are able to identify those with specific needs and help fill them during the Christmas season. If you are interested in getting involved with this, pick up a tag from the back of the worship center. For questions, contact Lauren (

CITY TEAM TAGS | November 18 & 25

CityTeam is an organization that helps men in the Portland area walk the tough road of recovery from addiction. If you would like to bless these men by meeting some of their practical needs, pick up a tag from the back of the worship center. For questions, contact Lauren (

DIY GIFT FAIR | December 1 :: 10:00AM-2:00PM

During the Christmas season, it is often easier to Give More without Spending Less. This year, we are excited to further step into the concept of Spending Less by having a Do-It-Yourself Gift Fair. By having a place where kids and their parents can come and create handmade Christmas gifts, families have the opportunity to reallocate resources toward Giving More. There will be a number of different crafts to do (mugs, picture frames, paracord bracelets, sugar scrubs, gifts in a jar, journals, Christmas cards) that are suitable for a wide variety of ages. We will also be hosting a knitting workshop for those interested in making a winter scarf. The knitting workshop will begin at 11 a.m. Make as many gifts as you want for $2 per craft, and contact Lauren ( with any questions.

christmas play performance | December 16

Following the ONE SERVICE (9am) on December 16th, Kidventure will be performing a Christmas Play, beginning at 11:00am. Our kids have been practicing for the past few months and are very excited to share their hard work with you! During the ONE SERVICE, kids in the play will be preparing for their roles, while kids not in the play will attend their normal classes, with the exception of K-5th graders combining into the Extreme 45 room. During the play performance, there will be no childcare.

LIVING WATER OFFERING | December 23 & 24

This year, we are excited to help build water wells around the world that will provide clean, safe water. At our Christmas Eve Services, we will be taking a special offering (above the tithe) where all proceeds will go to Living Water International ( LWI exists to demonstrate the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately needed clean water, and to experience “living water”—the gospel of Jesus Christ—which alone satisfies the deepest thirst.

CHRISTMAS SERVICES | December 23 :: 9:00AM & 11:00AM | December 24 :: 4:00PM

We hope that you will visit us at one of our Christmas Services and discover the joy that comes in the true meaning of Christmas. Kidventure will be available for infants through 4 year old’s.