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Advent 2013


The Advent Season gives us reason to pause and reflect on the meaning of Jesus’ coming. During this advent season we reflect on how we can live towards God’s best amidst a broken and fragmented world.

1: Worship Fully


Worship requires more than admiration, but adoration. In this teaching, Pastor Mike considers the path of a troubled heart that questions God, to a heart that embraces God’s love.

Teacher :: Mike Tatlock
Text :: Luke 1
Date :: December 1, 2013
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2: Embracing Hope


For many of us, “hoping” is “wishing.” In this teaching, Pastor Jake looks at the life of Anna & Simeon and considers the meaning of hope and how we can find that meaning in Jesus.

Teacher :: Jake Schwein
Text :: Luke 2; Leviticus 12
Date :: December 8, 2013
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3: Emmanuel


We live in an incredibly diverse time. Different styles, preferences, color, income, background, education, etc. all contribute to a flavorful culture. But what do we all need? Specifically, do we all need Jesus? In this teaching, Pastor Milo considers this question by looking at the wisemen and the shepherds as two distinctly different people groups who both end up at Jesus.

Teacher :: Milo Curtis
Text :: Matthew 2, Luke 2
Date :: December 15, 2013
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