We believe the Bible is exciting, church can be relevant, and good leaders are to invest in kids! Our dedicated volunteer leaders typically commit long-term to one of our two age groups: K-1st Graders or 2nd-3rd Graders. During these crucial years of physical, social, cognitive, and spiritual development, your child will have the opportunity to learn and apply . . .

  • WISDOM: I need to make the wise choice
  • FAITH: I can Trust God no matter what
  • FRIENDSHIP: I should treat others the way I want to be treated

What to expect on Sunday Morning…

  • PLUG-IN: Every week, leaders welcome kids with an engaging game, interesting discussion, or brain-teaser to reveal the day’s bottom line. Try to be on time, as this sets the stage for the morning’s lesson!
  • POWER-UP: In this large group environment, we engage your kids in worship, challenge them to serve & support those in need, and present Bible lessons in an easy-to-learn, relevant way. Our Small Group Leaders incorporate the monthly virtue and make God’s Word come alive in this fun, high energy group experience.
  • CATCH ON: Kids head back to their classrooms for 30 minutes of small group time where leaders drive the point home by making our Biblical virtue relatable to their world. Weekly, small group leaders teach your kids to learn to trust God, make wise choices, and build lasting friendships.

About Us


Our desire is for children to grow in their understanding of God, in their relationships and in their overall sense of who God is making them to be. We have created Kidventure to be a safe place of teaching and expressing God’s love.

Each Sunday, Infants and Toddlers can expect . . .

  • To Feel Welcomed: You and your infant/toddler will be greeted by a friendly volunteer at the door of each classroom.
  • To Feel Loved: Our trained infant and toddler volunteers and leaders are committed to sharing the love of Jesus with your child through engaging with them in activities and play.
  • To Feel Safe: We have many safety procedures in place, but one of the most important ways to create an environment where a child feels safe is building relationships and trust between the child and leaders. We believe teacher and volunteer consistency is crucial in cultivating those relationships.


In addition to the above, each Sunday, Preschoolers can expect . . .

  • Getting Started: Teachers will spend the first 15-20 minutes welcoming your little one with a first look at the Bible story for that morning.
  • Worship:  All Preschoolers will gather in the 4’s classroom for large group worship.
  • Bible Discovery: Back at their own classrooms, preschoolers will hear a Bible story from God’s word relevant to their age and development. Children also learn through activities and crafts that reinforce the Bottom Line—a key truth for the entire month.
  • Grow & Go:  Preschoolers have an opportunity to share what is on their heart and pray for each other.


Here at Base Camp we have some policies and procedures in place to help ensure your child’s safety and care.

  • 2-Adult Rule: Our 2 Adult Rule ensures 2 adults in our classrooms at all times. Restroom breaks and diaper changes are performed by one of our trained Oversight Volunteers.
  • Room Capacity & Ratios: Each of our 6 classrooms has a sign posted stating room capacity and child-adult ratio, which in the event it is exceeded, the room is subject to capacity closure.
  • Drop-Off & Pick-Up: Children are welcome to join the classroom 15 minutes prior to the service and are checked-in in by their parent/guardian. To ensure a continued safe environment we ask parents/guardians to pick up their children immediately following the service, by showing their security tag.
  • Good Health: Our desire is to offer a safe, healthy, and quality ministry to children. Therefore, we have developed our Well-Child Guidelines.
  • Tips & Reminders: Should your child need you during the service, the security number on his/her nametag will appear briefly in the lower left hand portion of the screens in the sanctuary. Please be aware of your child’s number (located on your security receipt/tag) and meet the Oversight Volunteer at the Kidventure Outpost.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 503.570.2988 or kidventure@gracechapelonline.org.