“Journey” was a very important theme in the Bible. One of the standout themes of the Bible is that the Lord desires for us to JOURNEY with Him. The Bible is filled with journey upon journey. From Genesis to Revelation, Scripture is full of people on the move. He desired life would be about an intimate walk with Him, full of discoveries and revelations of His character along the way. Journey by nature means a step-by-step dependence on Gods direction. The Bible so perfectly encourages us to, “Trust in the Lord with all of our hearts and not lean on our own understanding. But in all of our ways seek Him and he will direct our paths.” Not only do we journey as individuals but we journey as a community and family.

Grace Chapel is about to step into a new season of our journey together. Two factors are merging that require us to take steps of faith and seek the Lord for a new building to accommodate our ministries. The first factor is that we have a new landlord with a thriving business. Their growth requires the space we currently occupy. Second and more importantly, our church has grown to the point that we are no longer able to function in our current space, with no room for further growth. As these two realities converge, we are in a position that we need to seek and discover our next church home. Take the time to watch the video so that you can understand the heart, passion, and vision of what we believe God is doing (building update at 37:53 in the message).

As a leadership team we are not in any way fearful or discouraged by some of the uncertainties that lay ahead. In fact, we are excited and eager to see what our next home will look like. Grace has been blessed by a rich history of God’s provision and faithfulness. We are confident we will again experience more of the Lord’s favor and provision as we journey ahead for what’s next. We want to invite you into this next season with prayerful hearts and a sense of anticipation for the future.


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The “Building Team” consists of a team of people with different backgrounds and field experience to help provide leadership to this process. If you have any questions for this team please email


General Contractor

Pastor of Justice and Worship




Lead Pastor


Property Developer


Elder and Nonprofit Developer

Our vision is that a building is merely a tool and not our definition of success. With that being said we need to have a space that will allow for growth to continue at Grace Chapel. Our desire is to occupy a building that serves our weekly programming and serves the community.

Our vision is that as we grow larger, we grow smaller. Our desire is not to have the largest building possible. We can always add more services so we can continue to maintain a feeling of belonging versus getting lost in large crowds.

The reason we have to move is two-fold. First, our new landlords have a thriving business and need our space to facilitate their success. Secondly, we have outgrown our current space and there is not an option for us to expand where we currently are.

We are working on two tracks simultaneously; our next stage home and a long-term home. Our next stage home will be anywhere from 2-3 years (potentially longer) and our long-term home will either include a remodel of a building or building on land.

Based on the growth of Grace Chapel, we are looking for solutions with a minimum of 35,000 square feet.

Yes. Grace Chapel started in Wilsonville and our community relationships are important to continue investing in and supporting Wilsonville.

In the long term, we would like Heart of the City to be included on one property. We have to consider Heart of the City as it’s own entity because of the nature of the relationships and partners we have. As much as we desire for everything to be on one location, the timing of this and how it impacts our partner organizations may put us at different time lines.

Email our team directly at

Our building team has been in the process of looking at all of the available spaces in Wilsonville and we have been for the past six years.

35,000 square feet.

At this time, our concern about sharing space with other churches is that we would not want to impose or jeopardize their current ministry influence.

All of our current ministries that exist right now would stay on-site.

There is a difference between church planting and campuses. As we grow we are considering launching new campuses rather than moving into larger buildings. This is both cost effective and expresses our leadership culture of multiplication. There are a variety of ways to implement an expansion campus and we are currently exploring what this philosophy will look like at Grace Chapel.

For the past 19 years we have been blessed with a “God Deal” on our lease agreements. We have been blessed to pay considerably below market value for our square footage. As we move into a new space, we trust that the Lord will continue to provide what we need even if our monthly lease rate increases closer to market value.

Money raising will require two components:

  • One component will be the tenant improvements with an initial upfront campaign to raise money for this one time expense.
  • The second component will be the ongoing increase in lease which will affect our annual budget.

We will enter into an initial campaign for our tenant improvements but we will seek increases from the body to help with our budget.

We lease 25,000 square feet.

Since Grace has had it’s partnership with Ore-Pac, from the beginning in 1998, we have been blessed with a “God Deal.” The God deal for us was well below market rate. We have always sought to maximize our current location versus finding other locations.


Our lease expires May 31, 2019 but it has an early termination clause that can be implemented as early as April of 2018.

Yes. However, the fee is very minimal.

Not at this time.

We have been working to build up our savings as we anticipated possible future changes coming. Currently, we have savings in excess of $500,000.

Our plan is to not cut any ministries. We are maximizing our growth and not minimizing any ministries which have been contributing to our growth. Our hope is to increase revenue versus cutting ministries.

For three reasons:

  1. First, we were outgrowing the space we are in now and it was cheaper for us to upgrade and add more room than to lease another building at market value.
  2. Secondly, within church ministry, five years has an impact on a generation of students and their experience at Grace. Five years of ministry can negatively or positively impact a church for several years to follow and we did not want to suppress the momentum with our growing ministries.
  3. A third reason we entered into Project H13 was it allowed us to consolidate and move our youth ministry and offices under the same roof, as well as launch Heart of the City.

Our most pressing challenges are parking, location, accessibility, signage, zoning permit and spaces available. Because of the market and demands in Wilsonville, buildings are being acquired very quickly. One of the obstacles/challenges we face is there isn’t a lot of available buildings and if they are available, they are being occupied quickly.

Ideally, a long-term solution would put Grace Chapel and Heart of the City on the same campus. Our intent is to maintain our current relationships at Heart of the City.

Our goal is to steward first and foremost what the potential giving is in our body. If that can be done best through leasing or owning, we will consider both options.

A 35,000 square feet building would potentially give us years to grow into. However it is hard to predict the size of a church down its road. There are other alternatives we are entertaining such as offering additional services and planting other campuses.

When looking at properties, we are asking several questions as part of our vetting process:

  • Can our programming grow and thrive in the new space?
  • Is it accessible and visible to the community?
  • Will our space be an asset for the community as a whole?
  • Is it feasible for us from a financial standpoint?

The best ways to help are through prayer, giving and unity. There will come a time when we will give the body an opportunity to physically step in and help where needed.

We would love your prayers for lease negotiations and favor with the permit process. We would also like you to pray for the changes and transitions this opportunity will provide the church.

We have always been open to what God has for us. Our low lease rate has always allowed us to focus on people. Our desire has been to lease and keep our overhead as low as possible. Capital campaigns are something we want to be doing sparingly and to prevent them as a distraction to our ministries.

As great as our current space has been and the blessing it has provided for the community, we are very excited about the opportunity to relocate. This relocation has the potential for us to facilitate the growth that is happening in our ministries. There is also the possibility that our new location will be easier to recognize and access for guests.