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Why register with InFellowship

1: Accurate Info To Stay Informed
Infellowship is an online profile manager that links you to what’s going on at Grace Chapel.  If you’ve turned in a connect card, served on a ministry team, or given to Grace Chapel…then your info is a part of our records.  By registering, you’re linking to that info and keeping it up-to-date.

2: Group Directory
With your info up-to-date and online, the groups you are a part of will have the right contact information so you can find out that the next group meeting is going to focus on how amazing you are.

3: Sign Up for Events…from anywhere
And now that you registered, you’ll be able to sign up online, for the great events and activities that we have going on year around.  And you’ll be able to do it from home, in your pajamas, eating ice cream, and watching that show you really don’t care about.  Oh look, “antique road show.”

4: Give Online & Check Your Records
When you register, you’ll have a secure and encrypted connection to view your giving history and, if you want, set up automated giving for the future.

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How to Register

This video will give you step-by-step instructions on how to register with InFellowship and how to manage your profile information and privacy settings.

Got Questions : Feel free to contact Stacy Carter at 503.570.2988 or